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Renew Your Smile with All-Ceramic Restorations

woman with straight & white teeth smiling For years, damaged, broken, and missing teeth have been repaired and replaced using crowns, inlays and onlays (partial crowns), and bridges. Often, these restorations would be made of metal such as gold and silver. While they thoroughly helped restore your teeth, they sometimes affected the main thing you were trying to fix: your appearance. As functional and helpful as a gold tooth may be, it’s just not the look or first impression many people want to make. This puts them in the unenviable position of either not getting the treatment they need, or getting a restoration they are not happy with. Fortunately, all-ceramic restorations with your cosmetic dentist in Garden City, Dr. Gary Sherman, can give you the best of everything when it comes to both functionality and aesthetics.

The Advantages of All-Ceramic Restorations

“Why would I get an all-ceramic restoration instead of a metal one from my dentist in Garden City?”

This is because all-ceramic restorations offer a variety of advantages:

How Can I Get An All-Ceramic Restoration?

If you are interested in getting one of your teeth repaired or replaced, the first step is to visit Dr. Sherman at Franklin Avenue Dental Care. This will give him the chance to examine your teeth and gums to make sure an all-ceramic restoration will work for you. After that, Dr. Sherman will probably be able to give you a crown or bridge in as little as two visits.

How Long Do They Last?

Maintenance for ceramic restorations is very simple, as they only require routine brushing and flossing. The ceramic itself can never get a cavity, but your remaining tooth can start to decay and your gums may recede if they become infected. This can change how your restoration fits and make it non-functional. Between your home routine and getting regular check-ups, all-ceramic restorations can easily last for decades.

Contact Us to Find Out More

Dr. Sherman uses all-ceramic restorations to help people complete their smiles every day. They can finally get the dental care they need and know that the result will look completely natural.

If you’re interested in how an all-ceramic restoration could help you, please make an appointment today.

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