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Garden City Preventive Dentistry Preserving Your Oral Health

woman receiving dental checkupWhen it comes to your dental care and maintenance, Dr. Gary Sherman’s philosophy is always “prevention first.” That’s why he and the rest of our staff members place such an important emphasis on routine check-ups, revitalizing hygiene, and other preventive services that are designed to treat dental problems when they’re still in their earliest stages, potentially saving you from much more serious damage, cost, and frustration down the road. We’ll also provide protective measures for chronic conditions that are sure to help keep your smile safe. Contact our Garden City practice here in Long Island today to schedule a first visit for you or a loved one!

Dental Check-ups & Cleanings

Even people who brush and floss diligently every day may end up falling victim to dental problems that go undetected by untrained eyes. This is why having a seasoned professional in your corner is so important for your lifelong oral health and happiness, and Dr. Sherman would be happy to volunteer. Our team strongly recommends that patients from Mineola, NY and surrounding areas visit once every six months (or twice a year) for an involved oral evaluation and cleaning. During this visit, we’ll provide necessary screenings, review your smile with the help of digital X-rays and intraoral cameras, and work with you to formulate a personalized plan of action that addresses existing dental problems comfortably and effectively.

We have an excellent hygiene program as well here in Garden City, and our team members Janet and Sandra will be sure to thoroughly clean away plaque, tartar, and minor stains from your smile during your routine cleaning. They can also personally administer anesthesia and provide root scaling and planing for periodontal treatment, if needed. You’ll leave with teeth that feel nicely polished and refreshed!

Oral Cancer Screenings

On average, oral cancer takes the life of one person every hour. This happens because the condition isn’t often identified correctly until it’s already caused significant damage, making the chances of a full recovery slim. Our team strives to reduce this number with routine oral cancer screenings here at Franklin Avenue Dental Care. Dr. Sherman will closely inspect the mouth for tell-tale signs of cancerous cells and help his patients obtain certain diagnoses at the earliest stages possible.

Bruxism & TMJ Therapy

Bruxism (more commonly known as teeth grinding and jaw clenching) is a concern among many adults with a lot of daily stress in their lives. This habit typically manifests at night when patients have no control over it, and left untreated, unpleasant symptoms like significant headaches, dental damage, and even the development of TMJ disorder can arise over time. With a custom oral appliance (also known as a “nightguard”) from Dr. Sherman, patients can better protect their vulnerable smiles and enjoy the worry-free rest they deserve.

Children’s Dentistry

Our team is happy to see young patients from the ages of 10 and up! We always take the time to help children feel at ease in our practice with our friendly, supportive approach, and during gentle check-ups, Dr. Sherman will take note of any potential developmental concerns so that they can be addressed right away. We look forward to guiding every member of your family on the path towards lifelong oral health!

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